Jul 03, 2015

I am trying to get bandwidth value of Wan interface in Open-Wrt router (WRT54GL) using OID: But I keep getting value around 4174517174 I was doing some calculations and i network - Understanding OpenWRT LuCI Firewall Routing with To answer question 2 and fill in the blanks on question 1: The input/output rule settings in OpenWRT are the default behavior for traffic. Specific rules can then be added to deviate, for example if you set the WAN to input reject (which is the default), you then need to go in and specifically allow things to happen (like masquerading to do NAT Traffic shaping with OpenWRT - Thomas Elsen Security Blog

I'm running openwrt on a device and have a python script that listens and prints to screen multicast traffic on However nothing is being printed to the screen and I believe this is a firewall issue. How do I make sure that multicast traffic is being allowed in on a lan interface running openwrt?

Manage Your Network Traffic Priority in OpenWrt with QoS QoS or Quality of Service is equivalent to traffic shaping but with packet prioritization, application classification and queuing at congestion points With QoS on OpenWrt you can prioritize network traffic selected by the addresses, ports or services. QoS advantages Guarantees bandwidth for key applications and users. Can put off the need for faster network infrastructure.

10 Gbit and above lossless network traffic recording with n2disk. Industry standard PCAP file format. On-the-fly indexing to quickly retrieve interesting packets using fast-BPF and time interval. Precise traffic replay with disk2n.

Aug 06, 2012 Device Usage Logs - Discussion Topics - eero Community This may not be a solution for everyone or anyone BUT you can get yourself a cheap OpenWRT compatible device ($10-40) some come with OpenWRT installed already. Set this up in bridge mode in front of your gateway Eero and then use the OpenWRT box to monitor and limit data/bandwidth use.