Dual DHCP DNS server is an open source software dedicated to the DNS service as well as an optional role of DHCP. The software has a version for Windows and Linux and thus giving a larger group of people. Dual DNS is developed by a community of expert and largely depend on donations.

BIND – An Open Source DNS Server by ISC | Review of this Nov 07, 2017 How to Change DNS Server in Windows 10 - Techbout On the next screen, select Use the following DNS Server addresses option and enter in the box next to Preferred DNS Server and in the box next to Alternate DNS server. Note: In case you want to use OpenDNS type in Preferred DNS Server box and in Alternate DNS Server …

BIND DNS: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) also issued an advisory today urging to apply the CVE-2020-1350 patch immediately to all Windows Servers. "Internet-facing Windows Servers with DNS server

Apr 07, 2017

Free DNS Server Software - nixCraft Apr 06, 2012 BIND 9 - Internet Systems Consortium